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Go behind the scenes and learn about the critical environmental court cases that Ecojustice is taking on and the laws we’re fighting for to protect what we value most, the air we breathe, the water we drink, a safe climate. 

Watch this special Q&A session and find out how a strong, new climate law will get us to net-zero by 2050 while aiding a just recovery and recognizing Indigenous voices. You’ll also gain practical tips on how to hold your elected leaders to account for climate action.

The presenters’ slides are available for download here. Please feel welcome to use and share these resources. We need you — and every Canadian who desires real, substantive climate action from the federal government — to urge your MP to support a world-class climate law now. 

Road to the Supreme Court of Canada: Our climate future on the line

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This exclusive conversation takes you behind-the-scenes with Ecojustice lawyers as they prepared to appear before the Supreme Court of Canada in a landmark hearing that will decide the fate of the Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act — and climate action in Canada. 

Fight for healthier communities: The role of strong laws in protecting Canadians

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Join Dr. Elaine MacDonald to get an inside view on how Ecojustice’s healthy communities team is challenging all levels of government to defend Canadians’ right to a healthy environment, pushing to modernize the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, and fighting off opportunistic attempts to deregulate environmental protection under the cover of the coronavirus pandemic. Learn more about Elaine here.

Defending nature: Standing up for wildlife and natural spaces

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Join Margot Venton to get the scoop on how, even though there’s a pandemic going on, Ecojustice’s nature team is busier than ever with efforts to challenge risky oil and gas exploration that puts the environment at risk, urging government to give critically-endangered Southern Resident killer whales a fighting chance at survival, and pushing for strong laws that defend nature and biodiversity. Learn more about Margot here. 

There is no plan(et) B: The fight for strong climate action in Canada

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Post-coronavirus, we’ll still be in a climate emergency. Join climate program director Alan Andrews  in conversation with lawyer Julia Croome and Ecojustice client Alex Neufeldt — for an exclusive update on Ecojustice’s work advocating for new, sorely-needed climate laws at the federal level, challenging carbon-intensive infrastructure, and backing seven courageous young people as they fight for their futures in our biggest climate litigation to date. Learn more about AlanJulia and Alex.

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