We’re building the case for a better earth


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Ecojustice acts on the simple idea that effective laws can protect the planet and hold those in power to account.


As Canada’s largest environmental law charity, we help people like you take governments and polluters to court; expose illegal practices; and shape new laws to meet the urgency of the climate and ecological crises.


For more than 30 years, Ecojustice lawyers have represented Indigenous communities, grassroots activists, and everyday Canadians — free of charge.


When we win in court, it’s more than just a headline. It’s a win for nature and it’s a win for communities standing up to corporate giants.


Named one of Charity Intelligence’s Top 100 charities in 2021, Ecojustice is proud to be 100 per cent donor-funded and powered by a growing community nearly 200,000 supporters strong.


Join us — let’s put the law to good use.


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We represent community groups, non-profits, Indigenous communities, and individual Canadians on the frontlines of the fight for environmental justice.
On behalf of our fearless clients, we have secured dozens of precedent-setting legal victories that protect wildlife and habitats, strengthen environmental policy, and hold polluters to account.
Since 1990, we’ve gone to court to protect wilderness and wildlife, challenge industrial projects, and keep harmful chemicals out of the air, water, and ecosystems we all depend on.
From our offices in Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa, Toronto and Halifax, we take on strategic public interest litigation that has an impact from coast to coast to coast.
We are proud to be funded by individuals and organizations who share our values. Together, we are building the case for a better earth.
We are Canada’s largest environmental law charity.

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