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Corporate partnerships

Support our work through your work. Our corporate partners help us protect the planet for future generations. Find out more about our mutually-beneficial opportunities.

Partner with us for a brighter future

Ecojustice’s team of experts, which includes lawyers and scientists, is backed by a community of nearly 200,000 supporters.

Accelerate Change. Accelerate Your Business. Accelerate Justice.

Companies who support Ecojustice inspire employees and create hope for the future. They also show your customers that sustainability of the natural world is fundamental to the sustainability of business.

When you partner with Ecojustice, we help you integrate our shared values into your business. We work with you to develop strategies for your employees and customers to learn more about how Ecojustice uses the law to address our most urgent environmental problems. We create opportunities for them to get involved through educational, advocacy, and fundraising opportunities.

Learn more about how you and your company can help protect the environment.

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Workplace matching

Boost the impact of your gift by getting your employer involved! Many workplaces will match employees’ charitable donations and will double or even triple your gift to Ecojustice.

To get started, talk to your HR department. If you qualify for workplace matching, you’ll be able to make a gift through your employer’s online portal and have your gift matched automatically. Alternatively, donate through our website and send the proof of your donation to your employer.

Either way, let us know to expect a matching gift so we can thank you when it comes in!

Please note: Ecojustice reserves the right to decline certain corporate gifts offered through employee matching gift programs as determined by our directors and as set out in our Gift Acceptance Policy.