Ecojustice Blog – Nature, Special Update Posted on December 24, 2018 (updated: January 15, 2020)

Caribou in the snowy boreal forest spark my holiday wish

Ecojustice scientist Liat PodolskyLiat PodolskyScientist
Boreal Caribou by Peuple Loup via Flickr
Peuple Loup via Flickr

I’m Liat. As an Ecojustice scientist, I fight to protect boreal caribou. As a mother, I endeavor to give my amazing eight-year-old son Jack a sense of responsibility for the environment.

When I was Jack’s age, I was fascinated by animals, science, and the environment. I would get lost in the stacks of my local library, where I would sit on the floor and pore over books about forest creatures.

I like to get outdoors with Jack. Here we are hiking in Algonquin Park this past Thanksgiving.

It’s no surprise that I studied science in university. But it was in natural landscapes such as Australia’s rainforests – where I was awestruck by species ranging from long-legged Cassowaries to blue-winged butterflies – that I realized my life’s work would be in conservation.

Thanks to supporters like you, I get to combine my scientific expertise with legal muscle at Ecojustice. Together, these are powerful tools when it comes to protecting at-risk ecosystems, such as the boreal forest and caribou.

My holiday wish is that boreal caribou and their habitat are protected — while there’s still time.

Caribou are an important indicator for the health of the boreal forest, a rich carbon sink. Their dwindling populations are a signal that the entire ecosystem – including other at-risk species, such as the Canada lynx and American marten – is under strain.

That’s why I’m counting on your support as Ecojustice petitions Minister Catherine McKenna to recommend safety net orders under the federal Species at Risk Act, which would result in enforceable protections for boreal caribou herds in Alberta and Ontario. It is critical that Canada get it right while there is still time.

I want to leave the Earth a better place for Jack, his friends, and children worldwide. Knowing that supporters like you share this sense of responsibility for the planet heartens me.

Nature is amazing. Let’s make sure it is still around, in all its abundance, to inspire kids for generations to come. Please, make a gift today and join the fight to protect caribou and Canada’s boreal forest.

Wishing you and your loved ones peace and happiness this holiday season.

Liat Podolsky, Senior Scientist

P.S. Protecting the environment is one of the most meaningful gifts we can offer our loved ones. Please make a gift today and help Ecojustice give voice to nature in courtrooms and legislatures across Canada.

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