Ecojustice Blog – Nature, Special Update Posted on December 13, 2017 (updated: December 11, 2017)

For biodiversity in the Gulf of St. Lawrence

Ecojustices Philanthropy Manager Sandra Gamboias.Sandra Gamboias

I’m Sandra, and I grew up in a small town in Portugal where daily life revolved around the family. Even though I have lived in Canada for many years, family remains important. And here at Ecojustice, I consider supporters like you part of my treasured extended family.

As a philanthropy manager, I get to chat with many of you about our shared hopes for the future. I hear your desire to see Canada shift to a clean-energy economy and protect the natural spaces and ecosystems we value.

My holiday wish is for biodiversity to thrive in the Gulf of St. Lawrence for generations to come.

Thanks to your support, Ecojustice is fighting to protect the Gulf of St. Lawrence from oil drilling that would put communities and ecosystems in harm’s way. This biologically rich marine area provides habitat for more than 4,000 species — including at-risk beluga whales, leather-back sea turtles, and wild Atlantic salmon, a food source of cultural importance for Indigenous peoples.

As you read this email, our team is in court to protect the Gulf of St Lawrence. In May, we filed a lawsuit challenging an unlawful decision to reissue a licence for oil and gas exploration in the region. Today, we are fighting for our clients’ right to defend the Gulf from this threat. Our opponents are arguing that our clients — five environmental organizations that have long worked to protect this region — don’t have a direct legal interest in the matter and should not be allowed to challenge the licensing decision.

They are also trying to stop an alliance of Indigenous groups from intervening in the case.

Being forced to fight off motions like this is one reason why public interest litigation is always an uphill climb, and why your support is critical to securing legal victories for the environment. By making a gift today, you will provide the resources we need to go to court and give voice to nature when it’s under threat.

As we say in Portuguese, em gratidão!

Sandra Gamboias

P.S. Ecojustice aims to raise $200,000 before January 1st to support this and other litigation and law reform efforts. When you donate this holiday season, you’ll help build the case for a better earth and turn our wishes into reality.

Build the case for a better earth

Thanks to the support of people like you, Ecojustice goes to court to protect what we value most — the air, land and water that sustains all life. Make your gift today and support bold litigation for a brighter environmental future.

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