We work with our clients to keep toxic chemicals out of our homes and the environment and we go to court to make sure polluters are held to account.

We are fighting for stronger environmental standards and world-class environmental laws, including legal recognition of the human right to live in a healthy environment.

Currently, Canada’s patchwork of environmental laws and weak regulatory standards mean that thousands of people, disproportionately those in First Nations communities, do not have access to clean running water while thousands of other Canadians are exposed to harmful levels of air pollution every day. Dozens of toxic chemicals already banned in other countries can still be legally used within our borders.

There is a direct connection between the strength of our laws and the health of our environment. In the last 50 years, the right to a healthy environment has gained recognition faster than any other human right. Canada has fallen behind the over 110 countries that legally recognize the right to a healthy environment. We are working toward a Charter right to a healthy environment for Canadians because we know it will be a powerful catalyst to improving the quality of our laws, our environment and our health.

At Ecojustice, we believe that environmental rights are human rights, and we are leading the charge to make Canada’s environmental laws the strongest in the world.

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