It’s time for Canada to stop carving up mountains, polluting the air, and exacerbating the climate crisis by mining thermal coal and shipping domestic and American coal overseas where it is used in dirty power generation.

It’s time for Canada to stop making the climate emergency worse by shipping thermal coal overseas.

Canada still exports millions of tonnes of Canadian and American thermal coal through our west coast ports every year.

Thermal coal is so polluting that Canada has begun the transition away from coal, with the last remaining plants set to close by 2030. Fossil fuel emissions have no borders. So why are we continuing to export thermal coal to other parts of the world?

The federal government has committed to a ban on thermal coal exports, but in a climate emergency they must act now.

Bill C-383, a Private Members Bill tabled before the House of Commons in February 2024 kicks off the legislative process to ban thermal coal by 2030.

Ask your MP and key cabinet ministers to support the ban on thermal coal exports proposed by Bill C-383!