Mike Brigham sees climate change as one of the most daunting challenges that’s facing human kind and the planet today. And, he feels the chief way to deal with this is to move toward renewal energy. You see, Mike has a passion for renewable energy. In 1985, he designed and installed his first off-grid solar electric systems at his cottage north of Toronto. Since then he has designed, installed and helped maintain other off-grid systems for friends and neighbours.

Mike continues to show his commitment to a greener future by supporting organizations he believes that are using strategic litigation to advance protections for people and the planet. There are times where the only way to achieve measurable protections and environmental law reform is to take legal actions. According to Mike, Ecojustice’s team of legal experts gets the job done.

“We need to devote more resources to support environmental law reform.
The time is now as the need is immediate.”

If he could change one thing in the world, it would be for the vast majority of people to cease measuring the value of the environment in simplistic economic terms. There’s more to evaluate than just cost – like your family’s health and happiness!

To this day, Mike remains a dedicated Ecojustice Champions Community member since 2001, giving annually before deepening his commitment through monthly giving.

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Last updated: October 15, 2020