Reflecting on Ecojustice’s 25 years of victories, Kathleen is grateful for each and every one. “Even the small victories bring hope and have a positive impact on our future.”

Kathleen Kingsley’s passion for nature is deeply connected to family history and values. As a child she visited her family’s cottage on a small island in Ontario where she enjoyed running wild, learning how to make fires and exploring the island by canoe with her mother.

Kathleen’s first gift to Ecojustice was inspired by her mother Margaret and father Roy who were two of Ecojustice’s founding supporters and passionate defenders of nature. Kathleen remembers her mother’s words before her death in 1998 that if Kathleen ever wanted to support a charity that does real work for the environment that she should support Sierra Legal Defense Fund – Ecojustice’s name from 1990-2007.

“My parents believed in the work of Ecojustice, thought that Ecojustice made a real difference in the world and now I’m glad to know and support Ecojustice too. I want to keep large energy projects in check and protect what’s left of the Boreal forest.”

Today Kathleen is inspired by her daughter Jennifer (pictured above), a naturalist who has written the epic novel Paddlenorth and now travels extensively as a field correspondent for National Geographic.

“I give to Ecojustice because I believe in the longevity and integrity of the organization. I have also chosen to leave a gift to Ecojustice in my will and I would encourage others to leave a legacy to support their passions.”

For more information on making a gift in your will, please visit our legacy giving page.

Last updated: August 1, 2017