Cliff Wallis has a unique perspective on Ecojustice impact. Not only is he a long-time supporter of our work, he’s one of our clients. As director of the Alberta Wilderness Association, he’s worked closely with Ecojustice lawyers to secure better protections for species like the endangered Greater Sage-grouse and the iconic woodland caribou.

“Ecojustice’s legal victories have shown that the effects of industry can be reversed over time with hard work, dedication and a team effort,” he said. “The courts play an essential role in redirecting the government’s attention where it needs to be, so that laws are enforced and the environment is protected.”

Cliff understands the power of legacy giving, and how critical is it to ensuring that both his family and Ecojustice are supported in years to come. That’s why he has left gifts in his will to his daughter and to Ecojustice.

“I make this gift with confidence,” he said. “Ecojustice will continue to play a crucial role in restoring our natural heritage for future generations.”

Last updated: February 20, 2015