Glen Estill was the co-founder of EMJ Data Systems. The company grew from a start up to over 200 employees. The firm went public on the TSE in 1995, at which time Mr. Estill became CFO and Vice President. Mr. Estill was involved in many aspects of the business including procurement, vendor relations, sales training, as well as strategic decision making. He left the firm in 2000 to pursue his interest in renewable energy.

Glen Estill was the President and founder of Sky Generation Inc. in 2000, a wind development company. The company erected its first 1.8 MW turbine in 2002, and grew to 13 turbines and 21.5 MW by 2010. The company was sold in 2011.

In 2012, Mr. Estill joined the Oxley Wind Farm, 6 MW in Essex County. The wind farm was completed in 2014 and he continues as President of the wind farm.

Mr. Estill gained experience in all aspects of the development process, including local zoning approvals, Provincial and Federal environmental assessment screening, negotiating inter-connection with the utility, reviewing wind resource data and preparing financial models, contracting for turbine construction, electrical construction, negotiating land leases, raising funds, applying for and receiving approval for the Federal Wind Power Production Incentive, and applying for and completing both Standard Offer and FIT contracts. Mr. Estill has spoken about policy issues and the development process at many wind and electricity conferences including CanWEA, APPRO, the World Wide Wind Conference, as well as numerous smaller venues.

Mr. Estill is a Past President (2004) and past board member of the Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA). CanWEA is an advocacy group for the wind industry. Mr. Estill was a member of the Wind Energy Task Team, a collaborative group that worked to educate industry and government alike about the potential for wind energy in Ontario.

Mr. Estill follows the renewable energy business closely, at both the business and policy levels, and recently built a net zero home. His passion for the environment and climate solutions continues, and recently he has done work on the use of hydrogen produced from electricity surpluses, and with the Ontario Geothermal Association which advocates for policy solutions to help speed the deployment of low carbon heating.

Mr. Estill has a Bachelor of Economics, 1980, and Master of Business Administration, 1983 from the University of Western Ontario.