Cathy is the Manager of Operations at Ecojustice, providing overarching support for the smooth running of day-to-day operations in our offices across the country. Cathy is also the Board Liaison, helping to facilitate the organizations adherence to the Imagine Canada Standards program, and the Office Manager at the Vancouver head office.

Cathy was born and raised in the heart of the Rocky Mountains in Golden, BC which is surrounded by six of Canada’s National Parks. This is where her love of nature and outdoor activities began. She called it home for most of her life and proudly raised her child there as well. She transplanted to Vancouver in 2012 and enjoyed being involved with helping the City of Vancouver to work on achieving goals set out in its Greenest City 2020 Action Plan as the Manager of Operations at the Vancouver Economic Commission.

Cathy has 25+ years of experience in playing a key role in non-profit organizations with a primary focus in Municipal Government operations. She is excited to join and support Ecojustice in its work to build the case for a better earth.