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A small piping plover bird stands in the sand.

Piping Plover photo via Shutterstock

Supporter recognition


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Kathleen stands outside wearing a red hiking jacket. She has short, brown hair. Her daughter stands next to her with short curly brown hair and wears a black jacket.
Kathleen Kingsley
Kenneth sits in a dark chair. He wears a black shirt and has short, brown curly hair.
Kenneth Oppel
Margaret sits with her hands together. She wears a black shirt with a black and white scarf. She has short, curly grey hair.
Margaret Atwood
Martha looks in the distance and smiles. She wears a brown hat.
Martha Butterfield
Mike has medium length brown and grey hair. He wears a grey suit jacket.
Mike Brigham
Robert sits in a canoe on the still water. He holds a paddle in the water. He has short, white hair and wears a brown jacket with gloves.
Robert Bateman
A polar bear stands on its hind legs in the snow. It looks at the camera and raises one paw.
Terri-Lynn Williams-Davidson
Logo for Vohra Miller Foundation, with black text on a white background
Vohra Miller Foundation