I invite you to join me in celebrating Carolyn Campbell, my Ecojustice Hero for her incredible leadership to protect Alberta’s boreal caribou.

Carolyn, a conservation specialist with the Alberta Wilderness Association (AWA), plays a key role in the legal actions your support makes possible.

For 10 years, the Ecojustice team has worked with AWA on a range of issues — including water licences, wildlife, fisheries, and mining proposals. They were our client in a precedent-setting case that resulted in emergency protections for the endangered Greater Sage-grouse, an imposing prairie bird known for its elaborate mating dance.

Now we’re urging the federal government to issue an unprecedented safety-net order to protect at-risk boreal caribou in Alberta. And you can help boost our efforts to protect this iconic species.

A generous Ecojustice supporter has pledged up to $50,000 to match, dollar-for-dollar, every donation made before July 1. Double your impact when you donate today in support of our ongoing work with Carolyn to protect Alberta’s boreal caribou.


I admire Carolyn’s ability to calmly step into tough situations and give voice to nature. In August, she arranged to present at community meetings in northwestern Alberta and provided factual information to address local residents’ concerns about caribou management plans and their communities.

In a setting dominated by forestry, the oil and gas industry and municipal interests, it takes courage to be a reasoned voice for the environment. Carolyn has courage in abundance. That same courageous spirit is present in the AWA, who never shy away from joining forces with Ecojustice to use strategic litigation to protect the environment.

Together, we’re using every legal tool to ensure boreal caribou do not continue down the path to extinction. But our efforts to ensure the federal government fulfills its responsibility to protect this iconic species need your help.

Please make a gift today and help us continue supporting heroes like Carolyn — and all of our clients — who are courageously fighting for a brighter environmental future.


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Photo courtesy of Alberta Wilderness Association