If you’re wondering “Who started Ecojustice?” or “What has Ecojustice accomplished?” then watch our brand new animation video to find out.

Illustration of a group of people outside a court of law. Play button imposed on top.

Launching today, this original animation from Canadian agency Point Blank Creative is the result of months of hard work and tells the origin story of Canada’s largest environmental charity.

The animation opens with one pressing question: “What can I do?”

What can I do about climate change? What can I do about species going extinct?

Those are questions we get here all the time at Ecojustice, whether it’s from long-time supporters or newcomers DMing us on social media. For more than 30 years, we’ve provided a way for people to overcome feelings of helplessness in the face of environmental collapse.

Ecojustice uses the power of the law to fight back — against climate chaos, biodiversity loss, plastic pollution, the toxics crisis, and many more forms of environmental injustice.

When companies and governments fail to obey environmental protections, we stand up for those who might not otherwise have access to legal representation. And we do all this for free.

Who funds Ecojustice?

You do.

Ecojustice is proud to be 100 per cent funded by around 19,000 individuals and organizations who share our vision.

  • 71 per cent of Ecojustice’s funding comes from individual donors
  • 23 per cent comes from grants
  • 6 per cent comes from bequests

Read the facts on Ecojustice funding

Illustration of flare stacks with a price tag. A still from Ecojustice animation origin story.

Using the new Ecojustice brand colours, the team at Point Blank Creative were able to create a fresh and modern animation showcasing our history of legal wins.

From working to save the last 73 Southern Resident Killer Whales in the world, to defending the Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act at the Supreme Court of Canada, Ecojustice is unafraid to do what’s right.

A stylized Lady Justice in front of a group of people and trees.

Will you join us? Together, you won’t believe what we can do.