We’re taking Doug Ford’s government to court again — this time to protect old-growth boreal forests threatened by the climate emergency.

Earlier today Ecojustice lawyers filed a lawsuit on behalf of community groups Earthroots and Friends of Temagami to ensure that logging in Temagami — one of Ontario’s largest old-growth forests — stops until the province accounts for the impacts of climate change in its forestry management plan for the region.

We’re no stranger to challenging the Ford government’s anti-environment agenda in court — late last year, we helped seven young Ontarians sue Ford for weakening the province’s climate targets and violating Ontarian’s Charter-protected rights to life, liberty and security of the person.

Now his government is taking aim at boreal forests like Temagami, one of nature’s last lines of defence in the all-out war against the climate emergency. We’re not letting this go unchallenged — and we hope you’ll stand with us.

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The soils, wetlands, and trees of boreal forests like Temagami soak up carbon. When it remains healthy and undisturbed, it has a good chance of retaining that carbon and storing it long-term.

Around the world, the climate crisis has accelerated the decimation of key forest ecosystems. Ontario is no exception. In 2018, wildfires raged outside the town of Temagami and forced residents to evacuate. Scientists predict that unless governments step up efforts to defend forests from the climate emergency, these impacts will only worsen.

Ontarians should be able to trust that their government will follow the law and take the impacts of climate change into account when planning how to manage forests so they thrive for generations to come.

Ford has demonstrated he’s not up to this task. So Ecojustice is stepping in. Holding reticent governments to account for following the rule of law is never easy, but I know that with your help, the Ecojustice team is ready for the challenge.