As pollinator populations continue to plummet and a growing body of science points to neonicotinoid pesticides as one of the main culprits behind this decline, we’re taking action to get these bee-killing pesticides off Canadian food crops.

Earlier today, we launched a lawsuit that challenges the unlawful registrations of a number of pesticides containing two neonicotinoid active ingredients, Clothianidin and Thiamethoxam.  Both have been linked to mass bee die-offs. 

We’re seeking a court order that will invalidate these registrations and protect pollinators from harm. The case could set an important precedent under the Pest Control Products Act for more rigorous review of toxic pesticides before they are registered for use in Canada.

Public concern over neonicotinoid pesticides, the most widely-used class of pesticides worldwide, has never been higher. No wonder: A study published in Nature found that neonicotinoids “pose substantial risk to wild bees in agricultural landscapes.”  They can also leach into the soil and water, where they persist in the environment.

Neonicotinoid pesticides don’t belong in our environment. It’s time for them to buzz off.

Ecojustice has a long history of working to reduce pesticide use that puts pollinators at risk.  Just last year, our efforts paid off when Ontario passed regulations — the first of their kind in Canada — restricting the sale and use of neonicotinoid-treated corn and soybean seeds.

Now, we are ready to go to court again to enforce and strengthen Canada’s environmental laws, on behalf of people and the planet.

You have the power to protect pollinators and stand up for a healthy environment. Please give today.