We did it. Together.

Just moments ago, the Federal Court of Appeal struck down the federal government’s approval of the Trans Mountain pipeline project — effectively slamming the door shut on a project that, as it turns out, was never approved legally in the first place.

This huge victory took the efforts of many. It also proves that when we work together we can uphold Indigenous rights, stop some 2,513 million tonnes of additional greenhouse gas emissions from polluting our climate, safeguard local communities, and protect our coastal ecosystems — including the Southern Resident killer whale.

Critically, the court ruled – unanimously – that the federal government’s approval of the project violated its legal obligations to protect endangered orcas under the Species at Risk Act.

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In the coming days our legal team will comb through the 266 page ruling and prepare for the possibility of an appeal.  If our past experience is any indication, the project proponent — now the Government of Canada — will not go quietly.

Meanwhile, we will continue to push for emergency protections for Southern Resident killer whales through other legal avenues.

The past six years have been a hard-fought battle against a project that has come to symbolize some of the defining issues Canadians face at this moment in time: Navigating the ongoing process of reconciliation, mitigating climate change, and protecting the land and water for future generations.

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