My name is Sophia. I’m 12 years old, and I’m one of the seven young people – backed by Ecojustice – suing the Government of Ontario for weakening the province’s climate targets and violating Ontarians’ Charter rights.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve worried about the climate emergency. I’ve attended countless rallies, met with politicians, and spoken at conferences. This fall, I even got to meet Greta Thunberg!

Getting to meet one of my heroes was fun. But I’m angry and a little sad that I have to do any of this.

I shouldn’t have had to become Canada’s first youth climate striker because in a rich country like Canada, with all our technological capability and access to the best science, governments should be doing much more than they are to lower emissions.

I shouldn’t have to miss school to meet with politicians to convince them that my generation, my future is worth fighting for.

And I shouldn’t have to take our own government to court to defend our right to a safe climate and healthy environment.

But we’re in a climate emergency and with our futures on the line, staying home and hoping someone else will fix the problem is not an option. So I’m fighting – for me, for you, and for every living being that makes this planet their home.

Two weeks ago, at the press conference announcing our lawsuit, I was really nervous. But I looked over my shoulder and saw my fellow applicants – the six other smart, funny, and daring young climate leaders who are also part of this lawsuit – and felt braver.

Then I looked across the stage and saw the powerful legal team Ecojustice has assembled to fight this case on our behalf, and felt stronger.

That’s when I knew that, as long as we stick together, we could win. But we’re going to need your help.

Everything Ecojustice is doing to support me and my fellow applicants costs money – even though they aren’t charging us a single dollar for their legal services. As an environmental law charity, they count on the generosity of people like you to develop, file, and win important precedent-setting lawsuits just like this one.

Will you help us win? Please, donate what you can to Ecojustice today and help secure a safer climate future for us all.