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A lake reflects a line of trees and mountains on a cloudy day.

Photo by Zoryana Cherwick

press release

Parliamentary petition calls on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to pass Nature and Biodiversity Act

November 24, 2023

With the support of Greenpeace Canada, Ecojustice and West Coast Environmental Law, Richard Cannings MP sponsored petition e-4673 before the House of Commons. It calls on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to deliver on his commitments under the Kunming-Montreal agreement signed in December 2022 by enshrining them into legislation. 

While Minister of Environment Steven Guilbeault has expressed his support for new legislation, the government has not yet committed to a firm timeline and has a history of failed nature protection promises. This petition underlines the need for the legislation to be passed in early 2024. New legislation to protect nature must ensure Canada is on track to achieve its goals and targets under the Kunming-Montreal agreement, Indigenous rights are respected and strong public accountability measures are in place. 

Shane Moffatt, Head of the Food and Nature campaign, said: 

“On Justin Trudeau’s watch, wildlife all around us continues to decline at an alarming pace. Signing the Kunming-Montreal Agreement last year gave the Prime Minister an opportunity to hit the reset button. But there is no magic wand – we need legislation to make it a reality. Passing this law is his chance to leave a lasting legacy.” 

Josh Ginsberg, lawyer, Ecojustice said:

“Biodiversity is in crisis across Canada and around the world. But for everything we’ve already lost, we have so much more to gain. Canada holds the second-largest area of intact nature in the world and with it, the opportunity to be a global leader in the fight to halt and reverse nature loss.

“We need strong, timely action to strengthen nature protections and hold governments accountable for their biodiversity commitments. This starts with enshrining nature targets in law, and developing that law in partnership with Indigenous Nations.”