Ecojustice is going back to court to stop Alberta Premier Jason Kenney from derailing the product of years of hard work by supporters like you — and thousands of your fellow Canadians — to improve Canada’s environment assessment regime.

We just got word that Ecojustice has leave to intervene in the Government of Alberta’s latest legal attack on the environment, this time challenging the constitutionality of the federal Impact Assessment Act.

Ecojustice supporters helped write this legislation and pass it into law.

Canadians from across the country came together to help shape the Impact Assessment Act (IAA) into a law that balances industry, environmental and Indigenous interests.

The IAA brings important issues to light early in the planning phase, which heads off delays and litigation. It also provides greater transparency – no more decision-making behind closed doors for reasons that are not disclosed to the public.

Under Canadian law, protecting our environment is the shared responsibility of both provincial and federal governments.

In a time of environmental chaos, Canadians are counting on their governments to present a unified front to combat the climate emergency and defend nature.

At every possible turn, Premier Kenney has opposed progressive environmental policies and laws. In the past year he has opposed carbon pricing in court and launched an unconstitutional witch-hunt against environmental groups. Now he is attacking federal environmental assessment law.

And at every turn, Ecojustice has been there to stand up to those attacks. But we need to you stand with us.