On our blog we update you regularly on our exciting victories and outline strategies for the challenges that we face. What you may not always hear about are all the creative ways Canadians like you are supporting Ecojustice.

Legacy giving — leaving a gift in your will or designating Ecojustice as a beneficiary of your RRSP, RRIF or Life Insurance Policy — is a lesser-known way to make a meaningful contribution to our shared cause.

I have first-hand experience of the benefits of creative financial planning. In a Vancouver Sun editorial published this month, I shared the story of my grandparents who set up a registered savings plan to benefit our family and a charitable bequest in their will. The savings plan helped me and my five brothers and sisters get a  post-secondary education while the bequest provided generous funds for their favourite charities. Now, as Ecojustice’s philanthropy coordinator, I’m inspired everyday by people who share similar values to provide for family and achieve their philanthropic dreams.

Here at Ecojustice, we set our sights on the long term. We envision a Canada where industrial development doesn’t drive species to extinction and where Canadians — no matter where they live — have equal protection from toxic substances in our air, water, soil and food. We see a country where Canadians are engaged in decisions that affect our health. Where we are accountable for the impact our actions have on other countries. Where we rely on renewable energy that doesn’t threaten human health and our planet.

But we can’t make this vision a reality without your help. And you can help us achieve another 20 years of critical wins for the environment we all share by leaving a Legacy Gift.

Setting up a bequest or other legacy gift to Ecojustice is a simple process and you’ll feel great doing it. For a bequest, the steps include providing your lawyer or notary with our legal name and language for your will. For life insurance and registered plans, discuss options with your financial advisor to maximize the value of your estate and your ability to donate to your favourite charities today. Also, it is wise to discuss your intentions with your loved ones.

As I was inspired by my grandparents’ legacy, you too can inspire your loved ones and help create a world where we leave behind more than we take,ensuring that future generations have a chance at an equal or better quality of life.

If you have already set up a legacy gift to Ecoustice please let us know so we can thank you. If you are interested in getting a jump start on planning your legacy, please contact me at janderson@ecojustice.ca
or 604.685.5618 ext.293 and toll free at 1.800.926.7744 ext.293.