As Canada’s only national environmental legal charity, we get a lot of requests to tackle important environmental issues. Here’s how we determine which cases to take to court.

Taking an environmental issue to court is hard work, time-consuming, and expensive. But a legal victory is a unique, concrete, and long-lasting win for the environment. We get a lot of caslls and requests to take on new work, some from other environmental groups and others from vigilant supporters like you. Here's how we determine which cases to take to court.

We put a lot of thought into which cases we can take on. We strive for long-term results. We are interested in cases that have the potential to set precedents and redefine how environmental laws are applied and enforced in Canada. By doing so, we’re building the case for a better earth.

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Climate and Energy

  • We take on dirty energy projects that threaten ecosystems, put people at risk and increase Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions. In courtrooms and at public hearings, we work with our clients to challenge the short-term thinking that will lock us into a fossil fuel economy for another generation. Together, we’re paving the way for a clean energy future.

Wilderness and Wildlife

  • While most Canadians believe we have a responsibility to protect our natural assets, countless studies indicate that Canada’s wildlife and the wilderness they need to survive are in crisis. We go to court to ensure that industry and government uphold their responsibility to protect oceans, watersheds, forests and other important habitats that wildlife depends on.

People and Health

  • We work with our clients to keep toxic chemicals out of our homes and the environment and we go to court to make sure polluters are held to account. We also fight for world-class environmental laws and stronger environmental standards, including the addition of the right to a healthy environment to Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

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