How do I include a gift to a charity in my will?

Including a gift to a favourite cause in your will is easy. For example, Ecojustice can provide a letter with suggested wording for your will so that your wishes are accurately reflected and can be met. You can then simply take the letter to your legal advisor.

The most important information to obtain from your favourite charity before including a gift to it in your will is the charity’s legal name.

If the legal name of a charity is not correctly named in your will, your gift may be received by a different charity than the one you intended. Our legal name is Ecojustice Canada Society.

What kinds of charitable gifts can I make through my will?

You can make one of four kinds of charitable gifts through your will:

Specific Bequest: You designate a specific dollar amount or piece of property, such as real estate, stocks, bonds or works of art.

Residual Bequest: You donate all or a portion of your estate to the beneficiary after all your debts, taxes, expenses and other bequests have been paid.

Contingent Bequest: Your gift takes effect only if the primary intention cannot be met (e.g. if the primary and alternate beneficiaries do not survive the donor).

Deferred Bequest: Your gift takes effect after your loved ones no longer need the support of the income from your estate.

What if I have already had my will prepared?

You can amend a will or trust to make a gift without rewriting the entire document. Your legal advisor can prepare a simple document, called a codicil, that adds a new bequest to Ecojustice Canada Society while reaffirming the other terms of your will.

The above information is general in nature and is not legal or tax advice. We can help you realize your wish to support using the law to protect and restore the environment in Canada by working with you and your financial and legal professional advisors.