Less than 24 hours after declaring a national climate emergency, the federal government has re-approved the Trans Mountain expansion — a project that will accelerate climate change and push critically endangered Southern Resident killer whales towards extinction.

This decision is unjustifiable. It is deeply cynical. And together, we’re going to fight it.

Since supporters like you first helped Ecojustice defeat this project in court last year, the world has changed. In many ways, today’s decision to re-approve it is even more indefensible.

One million plant and animal species — including the Southern Resident killer whales — face imminent extinction. We have just 11 years to dramatically reduce the greenhouse gas emissions that are causing the climate breakdown, the impacts of which are disproportionately borne by the poorest, the youngest, and the most vulnerable among us.

What hasn’t changed is Ecojustice’s commitment to defending nature, combatting climate change, and fighting for healthy communities for all. We hope we can count on you to keep standing with us.

The decision to approve the Trans Mountain expansion smacks of cynical politics and business as usual. It denies the reality that in the face of the climate crisis, we simply cannot afford to build a project that expands our carbon footprint and locks us into burning fossil fuels for generations to come. It demonstrates the ease with which our elected leaders are prepared to risk endangered wildlife in pursuit of profits and maintaining the status quo.

And so, the Ecojustice team remains ready as ever to use the power of the law to hold our governments to account.

As you read this email, Ecojustice lawyers are examining Cabinet’s decision and weighing legal options to challenge it. If we do launch a new case, you will be the first to know.

In the meantime, you can take action today to defend nature and fight for a safe climate. Make a donation to support Ecojustice’s nature and climate change work. Share this news by forwarding this email to your friends. And, come October, use your vote to turn the tide on climate change.

From all of us here at Ecojustice, thank you for being part of our fight to protect endangered killer whales and secure a safe climate future for generations to come.

Photo of Trans Mountain protester obtained under Creative Commons.