VANCOUVER – The Government of British Columbia released its strategy for meeting its 2030 climate targets today. Ecojustice’s Alan Andrews issued the following statement in response:

“The science tells us the single most important thing governments can do right now to protect human health is take urgent action on climate change. This is a credible, forward-thinking plan that marks an important step towards doing just that.

“B.C.’s plan tells us exactly what the government will do to cut pollution and shape the economy of the future, and when and how it will do so. Most importantly, the strategy comes with a commitment to update B.C.’s climate laws so that they ensure the government is accountable for meeting its climate targets.

“The strategy unveiled today is one of the most progressive plans in North America and a welcome departure from the regression we have seen in other jurisdictions when it comes to tackling the climate crisis.

“But we cannot judge today’s plan against those abject failures.

“The bottom line is that this plan only gets us three quarters of the way to B.C.’s 2030 climate target, which itself falls short of scientific imperatives.

“The latest science shows that we need to cut emissions in half globally in the next 12 years, or risk a dramatic increase in climate-related health risks, rising sea levels, extreme weather, and further species loss and extinction.

“When it comes to combatting climate change and protecting future generations, this is the only yardstick that truly counts.

“So today we’ll be celebrating an all-too-rare victory in Canada’s fight for a stable climate and applauding the B.C. Government for starting on the path towards a cleaner future.  But tomorrow we will resume the hard work of holding them to their promise to pass new climate laws that will adequately protect the health, security, and wellbeing of British Columbians.”


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