Ecojustice undertakes strategic, public interest litigation to protect the environment. Most of our litigation involves us going to court to challenge government decisions, uphold Canada’s environmental laws, and set new legal precedents.

We welcome legal inquiries from members of the public. Please note that while we read and consider every inquiry, the volume of inquires Ecojustice receives means we only respond to the inquiries most relevant to our strategic priorities and mission to protect the environment. To learn more about Ecojustice’s case selection process, please read Ecojustice 101: How we pick our cases.

Submitting a legal inquiry does not mean Ecojustice will be able to assist you, nor does it create a lawyer-client relationship between Ecojustice and you. You remain solely responsible for any limitation dates and deadlines that may apply to your matter. In certain circumstances we may be able to provide limited information or point you in the right direction to find help.

If your matter does not fall within our Ecojustice’s mission, or if your matter is urgent, we invite you to explore other options for finding a lawyer who can help you. Each province’s Law Society provides information about finding a lawyer, including in Alberta, British Columbia, Nova Scotia, and Ontario. In addition, the Canadian Environmental Law Association maintains a list of lawyers who practice in environmental law, as well as a general resources page. Ecojustice providing you this information in no way implies an endorsement or recommendation of the services of these lawyers or law firms. Thank you.