Ecojustice Blog – Healthy communities Posted on October 13, 2016 (updated: March 29, 2017)

We’re in court today fighting for clean, safe water in Harrietsfield

Devon PageLawyer
Marlene Brown stands with water sign
Photo by Rebecca Hussman

We are at the Nova Scotia Supreme Court today to help Harrietsfield, N.S. residents stand up for their community’s right to clean, safe drinking water of acceptable quality.

You might remember when we first started working with Harrietsfield residents like Marlene Brown in 2013. We helped them argue successfully in court that an order requiring former owners and operators to clean up a nearby contaminated site should be upheld.

But today, our clients continue to struggle daily without access to clean, safe water of acceptable quality. Imagine the frustration they felt when they learned that some of those instructed to remediate the site and monitor contamination appealed new clean-up orders that were issued in February.

It’s time for this contaminated site to get cleaned up. Harrietsfield community members, such as our clients, have lived in fear of their water that flows through their taps for too long.

That’s why, working alongside lawyers at East Coast Environmental Law, we’re going back to the Nova Scotia Supreme Court to help Harrietsfield residents stand up for their right to clean, safe drinking water.

We should all be able to drink the water in our homes without fear for our health and safety. And you can help us make that possible for Harrietsfield. 

Without access to clean, safe drinking water of acceptable quality in their homes, daily tasks like brushing teeth, washing dishes, and finding water for drinking are a struggle for many in the Harrietsfield community.

Please donate today and help bring us one step closer to winning this community’s fight for clean, safe water. 

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