Webinar: There is no plan(et) B

The fight for strong climate action in Canada

Post-coronavirus, we’ll still be in a climate emergency. Watch this webinar to see climate program director Alan Andrews, with lawyer Julia Croome and Ecojustice client Alex Neufeldt discuss the reality behind the expression there is no plan(et) B. Find out how the climate team is advocating for new, sorely-needed climate laws at the federal level, challenging carbon-intensive infrastructure, and backing seven courageous young people as they fight for their futures in our biggest climate litigation to date

About the #BetterThanNormal webinar series

When we’re on the other side of the coronavirus pandemic, what will #BetterThanNormal look like for Canada and our environment? We explore that very question in Ecojustice’s #BetterThanNormal conversation series.

This series came about in response to the many questions we received from supporters asking Ecojustice team to weigh in on the post-pandemic future. Are we preparing to defend against potential environmental law rollbacks? What are we doing to make sure the climate emergency stays at the top of the political agenda? How do we make sure conversations about economic recovery account for the needs of nature?

Tune into these exclusive conversations with Ecojustice’s program directors and get an inside look at how we’re adapting our strategies to address these concerns and ensure Canada comes out of the coronavirus pandemic #BetterThanNormal.  

About Alan Andrews

Alan joined Ecojustice in January 2018. A graduate of the University of Manchester, Alan headed the clean air team at Client Earth (a UK environmental law non-profit) in London for the past 8 years. In the five years prior to that, he was a solicitor at the international law firm CMS Cameron McKenna. His work in Europe encompassed litigation in the UK Supreme Court and European Court of Justice, while advocating for better pollution laws in Brussels and London. He is passionate about law’s potential to empower people to stand up for their right to a healthy environment. 

About Julia Croome

Julia joined Ecojustice in early 2016. The Blandings Turtle opened her eyes to the challenges modern society poses to nature in 2002, and she’s been working on environmental issues ever since.

She spent her first six years of practice litigating a mix of municipal, environmental and land use planning cases, at a small litigation boutique and then a downtown Toronto firm. Her litigation experience to date includes working on Smith v. Inco – the largest certified environmental class action in Canada. 

About Alex Neufeldt

As a young entrepreneur, Alex Neufeldt is concerned about the uncertainty climate change creates for her small business. When record-breaking flooding slammed Ottawa in the spring of 2019, it threatened Alex’s fledgling dress-rental business, Closet in the Sky. Alex is concerned extreme weather events in the future could cause delays for customers returning dresses, and she’s worried about how to safely store the designer pieces her company relies upon. 

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