Webinar: Fight for healthier communities

The role of strong laws in protecting Canadians

Hear from healthy communities program director Dr. Elaine MacDonald about how Ecojustice is fending off opportunistic attempts to deregulate environmental protection under the cover of the pandemic. You’ll also learn about ongoing efforts to challenge all levels of government to fight for Canadians’ right to healthier communities and push for an overhaul of the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, a cornerstone environmental law.

About the #BetterThanNormal webinar series

When we’re on the other side of the coronavirus pandemic, what will #BetterThanNormal look like for Canada and our environment? We explore that very question in Ecojustice’s #BetterThanNormal conversation series.

This series came about in response to the many questions we received from supporters asking Ecojustice team to weigh in on the post-pandemic future. Are we preparing to defend against potential environmental law rollbacks? What are we doing to make sure the climate emergency stays at the top of the political agenda? How do we make sure conversations about economic recovery account for the needs of nature?

Tune into these exclusive conversations with Ecojustice’s program directors and get an inside look at how we’re adapting our strategies to address these concerns and ensure Canada comes out of the coronavirus pandemic #BetterThanNormal. 

About Dr. Elaine MacDonald

Elaine joined Ecojustice in 1999 and is a PhD level environmental engineer who applies her expertise to work related to air quality, water pollution, and toxic substances, including pesticides. Elaine leads the Healthy Communities team, where she’s challenging all levels of government to protect every Canadian’s right to a healthy environment — especially the most vulnerable. 

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