Ecojustice Blog – Climate Posted on September 18, 2019 (updated: October 7, 2019)

Standing up to Premier Kenney and defending free speech

Devon PageLawyer
Photo of Jason Kenney taken in 2012, when he was Citizenship and Immigration Minister.
Photo by Daily Xtra via Flickr | CC-BY-NC-2.0

Ecojustice is fighting back against Premier Jason Kenney’s targeted and politically-motivated attacks on people, environmental charities and Canadians concerned about the reality of climate change.

Canadian courts are clear that government interference in free speech is unconstitutional, an abuse of power and, ultimately, a threat to democracy.

That’s why Ecojustice is fighting back against Premier Kenney’s targeted attacks on environmental charities and Canadians concerned about the reality of climate change.

In a stern letter sent yesterday morning, Ecojustice lawyers warned Steve Allan — the man tasked with heading up Premier Kenney’s public inquiry — that under its current terms of reference, the inquiry is unlawful, unconstitutional, and cannot proceed.

Should Allan fail to address the fundamental issues of fairness outlined in our letter, the Kenney government can and should expect further legal action.

Kenney’s inquiry is a blatant attempt to target and silence voices that are lawfully participating in social and political discourse about climate change and the necessary, inevitable global shift away from fossil fuels.

Rather than take steps to protect Albertans from climate breakdown, Premier Kenney has prioritized wealthy oil and gas interests whose enrichment depends on exacerbating the climate crisis and chosen to sink millions of taxpayer dollars into a political exercise.

Ecojustice will not be intimidated by these bullying tactics.

Premier Kenney’s spoiling for a fight. He’s got one.

Photo of Jason Kenney by Daily Xtra via Flickr | CC-BY-NC 2.0

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