Posted on November 21, 2012 (updated: November 21, 2012)

Ecojustice evaluating C-38 for opportunities to litigate in defence of Canada’s environment

VANCOUVER — Devon Page, executive director of Ecojustice, made the following statement today in response to the federal government’s passage of Bill C-38, the omnibus budget bill:

“Canadians rely on the federal government to enact and enforce laws that protect our families and our environment from harm. Unfortunately, in passing Bill C-38, the federal government has ignored the pleas of thousands of Canadians who called on them to save some of the country’s most important environmental laws.

Our elected officials have a responsibility to ensure that as we develop as a country, we do it in a way that conserves the nature we all rely on. And not just for today, but for future generations too.

Ecojustice lawyers continue to examine the bill in detail to identify litigation opportunities that mitigate the extremely harmful effects this omnibus legislation will have on our communities and environment. Working alongside hundreds of other Canadian organizations that seek to defend nature and democracy, Ecojustice is committed to standing up for strong, effective environmental laws that protect the air, water and land all Canadians rely on.”

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