Posted on October 30, 2012 (updated: October 30, 2012)

Catherine Donnelly Foundation awards a $1M grant to Ecojustice

VANCOUVER – The Catherine Donnelly Foundation (CDF) has awarded Ecojustice a five-year, $1-million grant towards securing the legally protected right to a healthy environment for all Canadians. CDF is targeting a single issue that can transform the way all levels of government manage pollution, drinking water and the protection of wildlife and the wilderness.

“We want this grant to send a signal to other environmental groups and grant makers about the future,” said David Love, chair of the environmental committee at CDF. “Big change requires big thinking and the foundation suggests that environmental groups and funders consider devoting more of their resources to a few ideas that can deliver real results.

“Environmental rights are one of those big ideas.”

Ninety countries have embraced the right to a healthy environment, and afford it the same legal protection as other core human rights like the right to liberty, security and equality. These nations have a smaller per capita ecological footprint, rank higher on environmental performance and enjoy more success in reducing harmful emissions.

“Sustainability is impossible until we give the environment the same consideration as our other fundamental rights,” Ecojustice Executive Director Devon Page said. “We need clean air, safe water, and the responsible use of our resources for our long term health and wealth. That’s what the right to a healthy environment means. ”

On Canada’s 144th birthday, CDF offers this grant as a gift to all Canadians and supports Ecojustice in their campaign.

“Our common future and that of every Canadian community,” Page said, “depends on a healthy environment.”


The Catherine Donnelly Foundation, established in 2003,
is the financial and human legacy of the tireless efforts of a remarkable community of religious women, The Sisters of Service, and a testament to their work in communities across Canada.

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