Press Releases

Canada facing legal challenge for breaking federal global warming law

Jan 13, 2010

The Government of Canada is once again facing a legal challenge for failing to take action on global warming [September 20, 2007]

NEB rushes ahead with pipeline – despite legal challenge

Jan 13, 2010

Media Release – Friends of Rockwood Park continue to battle the controversial Emera Brunswick Pipeline Project [September 18, 2007]

BC Government blocking release of information on sea lice levels

Jan 13, 2010

Groups demand BC release audit of salmon farm infestations [May 16, 2008]

Ministry of Environment shows strengthened commitment to endangered species

Jan 13, 2010

BC government applauded for recent efforts to protect endangered Western painted turtle [September 25, 2009]

A “Free for All” as Mining Claims More than Double in Carbon-rich Ecosystem

Jan 13, 2010

Public Interest Groups Call for Land Withdrawals to Ease Pressure

Federal Environmental Review System for Tar Sands is Broken

Jan 13, 2010

Groups demand regulatory overhaul [June 17, 2008]

Grassy Narrows’ Legal Challenge to Clearcut Logging Begins

Jan 13, 2010

The case of the Grassy Narrows First Nation begins its hearing in the Ontario Superior Court

Ecojustice report holds officials accountable

Jan 13, 2010

The latest sewage report by Ecojustice highlights the need for the immediate public reporting of all sewage dumping incidents.

Federal government denies need to consult public on major mining projects

Jan 13, 2010

Appeal to be heard in Federal Court on citizens’ right to be consulted about proposed large industrial developments [May 14, 2008]

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