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Environmental Groups Set the Bar for Ontario Political Parties

Jan 13, 2010

A group of leading Ontario environmental organizations today released detailed policy agendas for the province in six key areas: boreal forest protection, toxics, energy, Great Lakes protection, waste and recycling, and urban sprawl and the Greenbelt. [March 18, 2007]

Ontario burns Blue Box, gives incinerators green light

Jan 13, 2010

Groups from across the province blasted the Ontario government or passing regulations that will weaken key environmental laws and allow massive incinerators to be fast-tracked without an environmental assessment and with little public consultation. [July 17, 2007]

Sewage prosecutions gaining momentum

Jan 13, 2010

A Provincial Court Judge today approved the charge laid against the GVRD and Province of BC for alleged pollution offences at the Iona sewage treatment plant. The charge was laid by environmental investigator Douglas Chapman, who is represented by Sierra Legal and supported by the T-Buck Suzuki Environmental Foundation, Georgia Strait Alliance and the United Fishermen and Allied Workers Union – CAW. [March 22, 2007]

Groups Applaud Ontario Government for Introducing Strongest Endangered Species Legislation in Canada

Jan 13, 2010

MEDIA RELEASE – Today, Ontario’s leading environmental groups are welcoming the McGuinty Government’s introduction of the new Endangered Species Act in the Legislature. [March 20, 2007]

Environment Groups Sue to Block Federal Reliance on “Phantom” Mitigation for the Oil Sands

Jan 13, 2010

Sierra Legal, on behalf of a coalition of environmental organizations, filed an application yesterday for a Federal Court judicial review of the Joint Panel report assessing the Imperial Oil Kearl Oil Sands project north of Fort McMurray, Alberta. [March 30, 2007]

April Fools’ Day trade pact undermines measures to fight climate change

Jan 13, 2010

Key aspects of environmental regulation from municipal to provincial lawmaking will be turned upside down on April 1st when the Trade, Investment and Labour Mobility Agreement (TILMA) comes into force. [March 30, 2007]

Report reveals ecological crisis in Ontario’s northern forests

Jan 13, 2010

Conservation groups responded to an alarming report released today that highlights a growing ecological crisis in Ontario’s Boreal Forest. [March 27, 2007]

FOI Commissioner rejects $173,000 fee for list of worst polluters

Jan 13, 2010

As the Government of British Columbia takes steps to further obstruct public access to information, Sierra Legal has won an important battle in its four-year fight to ensure that the Ministry of Environment does not cover up the identities—and emissions—of the province’s worst polluters. [April 23, 2007]

First global warming lawsuit launched against Canada

Jan 13, 2010

Friends of the Earth Canada has launched a landmark lawsuit today against the Government of Canada for abandoning its international commitments under the Kyoto Protocol. Filed in Federal Court in Ottawa by Canada’s largest environmental law organization, Sierra Legal, the lawsuit alleges that the federal government is violating Canadian law by failing to meet its binding international commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. [May 29, 2007]

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