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Fish farm licences challenged in Federal Court

Sep 4, 2014

VANCOUVER — Aquaculture licences issued by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans that allow fish farms to transfer farmed Atlantic salmon carrying disease agents into waters shared with wild salmon … Read more.

Environmental groups declare victory in endangered species protection case

Feb 17, 2014

Court rules federal government acted ‘unlawfully’ in delaying recovery strategies for at-risk species

Environmental groups force Ottawa to review approval of hundreds of pesticide products

Feb 5, 2014

Environmental groups announce victory after Ottawa’s decision to review 23 active ingredients, with links to cancer and water contamination, found in up to 383 pesticide products.

Environmental groups launch lawsuit over flawed Northern Gateway report

Jan 17, 2014

Joint Review Panel’s final report contains legal errors and cannot be used to approve pipeline project, groups say

Federal Court to hear lawsuit over endangered wildlife threatened by Northern Gateway pipeline and government delay

Jan 8, 2014

Delayed recovery strategies threaten humpback whales, white sturgeon, seabirds and caribou along proposed pipeline and tanker routes

Conservation groups condemn ‘yes’ recommendation from Northern Gateway review panel

Dec 19, 2013

Panel recommendation flies in face of overwhelming scientific evidence against pipeline, staunch public opposition

Ecojustice, Ontario Nature say Toronto office complex more friendly for migratory birds despite dismissal of charges

Nov 12, 2013

Media release on the ruling on Migratory Birds Building Collision case, Schultz v. Menkes, on Nov. 14, 2012

Nestlé bows to pressure from community groups on bottled water fight

Oct 12, 2013

Press release announcing that Nestlé has decided to withdraw its appeal of mandatory drought restrictions related to water permit in Ontario’s Wellington County.

Environmental groups sue Ottawa over use of pesticides linked to cancer and water contamination

Aug 27, 2013

Government of Canada’s refusal to review pesticides already banned in Europe is unlawful, groups say

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