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Ecojustice report shows that sewage pollution still a big problem in Great Lake Basin

Aug 13, 2013

Ecojustice report analyzes 12 Ontario municipalities to see how they’re dealing with sewage pollution and finds that many are still polluting local bodies of water.

Federal government gets an ‘F’ for failing to protect drinking water

Jun 5, 2013

New Ecojustice report card points to continuing lack of national drinking water standards.

Groups applaud government’s anti-SLAPP bill

Jun 5, 2013

Press release thanking the Ontario government for introducing anti-SLAPP legislation.

Reject Northern Gateway based on missing information, environmental risk and lack of benefit to Canadians, environmental groups say

May 31, 2013

A coalition of environmental groups says an incomplete environmental assessment, serious risks to the environment and a lack of benefit from proposed Enbridge’s Northern Gateway Pipeline should convince the Joint Review Panel reviewing the project to reject it outright.

Morton, Ecojustice launch lawsuit over transfer of diseased salmon

May 24, 2013

Transfer of salmon infected with PRV virus into open-pen fish farm violates Fisheries Act, lawyers say

Hydrogen sulphide detected on Aamjiwnaang First Nation Reserve

May 16, 2013

Global Community Monitor press release on chemical spill in Sarnia’s Chemical Valley.

Federal government’s failure to protect endangered wildlife triggers lawsuit

Mar 21, 2013

Unlawful delays threaten humpback whales, white sturgeon, seabirds and caribou along proposed Northern Gateway route

Legal precedent will protect migratory birds from fatal window strikes

Mar 21, 2013

A significant legal precedent was set today that will protect migratory birds from lethal collisions with the highly reflective windows of office buildings.

Groups applaud reintroduction of Great Lakes Protection Act: urge all parties to support a strong law to protect the lakes

Feb 26, 2013

Press release welcoming the reintroduction of the Great Lakes Protection Act in the Ontario legislature.

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