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Pollinators will get their day in court

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Bumblebee by Chase Elliot Clark, via Flickr
Photo by Chase Elliot Clark, via Flickr

Last fall, Ecojustice lawyers were in court to fend off a second attempt by government and industry to shut down our lawsuit aimed at protecting bees from risky neonicotinoid pesticides.

It was a classic David-and-Goliath match-up that saw the Ecojustice team go up against more than a dozen lawyers from government and industry. So many were their ranks that they spilled over into our half of the courtroom.

We’re happy to report that in this battle, David won. Our lawsuit will now proceed to a full hearing on its merits, and pollinators will finally get their day in court.

We wanted you to be the first to know about this important victory. Thanks for standing with us — and the bees — as we see this case through till the end.

Neonics contribute to the decline of both honey and wild bees, shorten pollinator lifespans, and can even lead to colony collapse disorder. That’s bad news considering native bees pollinate one-third of the world’s crops and 90 per cent of all wild plants.

But despite the growing body of science against these harmful pesticides, the Pest Management Regulatory Agency continues to allow these pesticides to be registered for use and sale in Canada.

Our lawsuit argues that it is unlawful to approve pesticides when there isn’t enough information to understand the risks they pose to pollinators and the environment.

Decision-makers in the European Union opted to heavily restrict neonicotinoid use back in 2013. More recently, the United Kingdom announced its plan to ban all neonics. Meanwhile, here in Canada, we’re being forced to jump through legal hoops just to ensure science-based evidence is a linchpin in our pesticide regulatory process.

We’re counting on your support to win this case. Will you consider making a special gift today in support of our work to protect pollinators? 


Photo by Chase Elliot Clark, via Flickr. Image obtained under Creative Commons.

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