Champions Community members and Ecojustice supporters since 1992

Rudy and Patricia North

Champions Community member and Ecojustice supporter since 1992

Rudy North believes philanthropy can change the world. And the world he wants is one with a healthier natural environment.  “The fish and animals, the lakes, forests and seas – they need our help and that means they need to be defended, protected and restored.  That’s at the heart of why I have supported Ecojustice for 24 years.”

Through the North Growth Foundation, Rudy and his wife Patricia are two of British Columbia’s most active participants and generous donors to social and environmental causes. Rudy’s lifelong passion has been protecting British Columbia’s marine environment – supporting Ecojustice’s work to protect BC’s endangered Orca and fight unsustainable aquaculture.  Indeed BC’s healthy wild salmon populations are nothing short of Rudy’s legacy. And this legacy is enabled by a passion (and depth of knowledge) for sea and marine life that started with a childhood connection to nature, “as a kid I was most happy when I was fishing.”

Now Rudy is shifting his giving to tackling climate change.  As he says, this transition makes sense because he wants his giving to have maximum impact and climate change “is the environmental challenge of our time.”

For Rudy, that means both a continued investment in Ecojustice and a willingness to ask others to join him. “As a long-time Ecojustice supporter, I feel proud that I support a team of strategic legal experts who go to court to tackle Canada’s most pressing environmental problems – and they get results. Continued support from donors like you and me will ensure that Canada’s environment is protected.”

Rudy North is a philanthropist, a humanitarian and business leader in Vancouver. He is also a recipient of the Order of British Columbia and a member of the Order of Canada.

Last updated: February 15, 2018

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