Peter has worked in the fields of social advocacy, education, environment, and development – both in Canada and abroad – over a 40-year professional and volunteer career. He has had extensive experience at the most senior levels of the public sector in the fields of intergovernmental relations, strategic planning and policy, adult education, environmental management and social advocacy.

He has served as the Chief of Staff to the Minister of External Relations and International Development (CIDA) and was seconded from the Privy Council Office, to serve as a senior policy advisor on Indigenous Affairs to the Prime Minister of Canada. Peter also completed a five-year assignment as the CEO and Director-General of the Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment. Peter has maintained relationships with institutions of higher learning throughout his professional career, which includes teaching.

He was the first Director of Programmes with the Montréal-based International Centre for Human Rights and Democratic Development, which was involved in Burmese human rights, as well as other causes.

Peter is married to Beverly Anne Sabourin, from Pic Mobert First Nation on Lake Superior. Together they run an Indigenous consulting firm working on issues such as environmental impacts, land use planning for First Nations within the strictures of the Indian Act, education on Indigenous Knowledge and international adult education.

Originally from Montreal, Peter lives in Winnipeg (via time in Thunder Bay). He is a long term ECJ supporter. His passions are Climate Change and Reconciliation work.