Lynda Griffiths

Board Member

I’d like to introduce myself – my name is Lynda Griffiths. Put me out in nature and I’m happiest – it’s where I spend as much time as possible adventuring with my partner (Gail), dog (Cesca) and friends. Mountain bike riding, skiing and hiking in the back and front country, paddling, and hanging out at our off-the-grid cabin are the highlights of every month. And these days, the productive veggie and fruit garden at our Vancouver home is getting way more attention than it does some years! Before retiring eight years ago, my career was spent in marketing with a focus on social marketing. My clients included educational institutions, provincial government ministries, crown corporations and non-profit organizations.

I’ve been a supporter of Ecojustice for many years. More recently, seeing the effects of climate change has prompted me to become more engaged. In the past couple of years, I have volunteered my marketing expertise by conducting a series of focus groups with Ecojustice donors in Vancouver and Toronto. It’s been great to work with several members of the Philanthropy team on this project. I’m also pleased to say that the concrete nature of Ecojustice’s work, which has always drawn me to support this organization, is what also seems to draw other Ecojustice donors! I feel fortunate to have been able to match donations to some of Ecojustice’s fundraising campaigns over the past few years and look forward to actively continuing my support in the years ahead.

Last updated: April 12, 2021

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