Law Foundation of BC

In 1990, Sierra Legal Defence Fund opened its doors in Vancouver. That was made possible by a generous three-year start-up grant from the Law Foundation of British Columbia.

The Law Foundation funds projects and programs that benefit the public by advancing access to justice. 25 years ago, they recognized the need for a non-profit organization that would go to court to test and strengthen laws to protect the environment.

We were honoured when, in 2014, the Law Foundation confirmed our B.C. legal work as a continuing program of the Foundation.

In the words of Executive Director, Wayne Robertson, Q.C.: “The Law Foundation is proud to support the work that Ecojustice does. Their strategic approach, tenacity, and ability to assess where they can have the most impact distinguishes them as an effective voice for the public interest in environmental matters.”

Legal action is expensive and requires a long-term commitment to the desired outcome. For example, a 2012 win at the Federal Court of Appeal which upheld an earlier ruling that the federal Species at Risk Act requires mandatory legal protection for features of critical habitat necessary for the survival of resident killer whales was over three years in the making. That victory was made possible by the ongoing support of the Law Foundation of British Columbia. They provide funding that allows Ecojustice to lead the legal fight for a brighter environmental future.

Last updated: July 28, 2015

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