John Harrison

Ecojustice legacy donor

For someone who spends as much time in the outdoors as I do appreciating how our fragile environment sustains us all, it seemed only natural to make a gift in my will that paid tribute to this imperative. Giving back through charitable support in the form of a bequest, regular donations, volunteering, and participating in effecting positive change are all ways to leave the world a better place than what we found it.

My primary motivation in supporting Ecojustice Canada Society through a legacy gift in my will is to recognize my loved ones and those people that will inherit the planet. Protecting the environment from short-sighted actions that jeopardise our limited and finite resources does a disservice to subsequent generations and their quality of life.

Making an estate plan that closely reflects our personal values and interests is an integral part of how we honour our heirs and what we leave behind for them. I re-wrote my will a few years back with input from a trusted professional who was referred to me. My intention was to make my will as succinct as possible to avoid any issues later, and ensure my beneficiaries were left with a problem free experience in executing my wishes. I also wanted my beneficiaries to understand that my bequests to environmental and social justice causes are directed at making Canada a better place for them and for all Canadians. That’s the power of a legacy, it takes what is important to you and translates them into tangible results after you are gone.

The planet is our most sacred trust, and all forms of life, including humans, need a healthy habitat to thrive. I am proud to contribute to this mission by including effective environmental organizations into my will and estate plans and encourage others to the same.

For more information on making a gift in your will, please visit our legacy giving page.

Last updated: August 1, 2017

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