Glen Estill

Board member

Glen Estill, a long-time supporter of Ecojustice, has recently decided to direct almost all of his charitable contributions toward environmental causes.

“Donating to health causes, like cancer research, seems like an end of tailpipe solution — instead of solving the problem, you’re trying to fix the problem after we created it,” he explains.

An advocate for and investor in sustainable, renewable energy, Glen is deeply concerned about Canada’s dependence on fossil fuels. He believes stopping oilsands expansion is currently Ecojustice’s most critical work.

The David vs. Goliath nature of Ecojustice’s work is what first drew Glen to Ecojustice, and he made his first donation to us in 2000. “With powerful corporate interests trying to influence governments to ensure they retain their markets and subsidies … somebody needs to counterbalance this,” he says. “And if not me, then who?”

To Glen, Ecojustice provides this counterbalance.


Visit our donate page today or contact our Donor Relations team at 1-800-926-7744 ext 295 or to discover how you can support the environment in a meaningful way through Ecojustice.

Last updated: July 13, 2021

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