Frances Litman

Monthly giving and legacy donor since 1998

As a full-time professional photographer, Frances Litman sees the world with a wide angle perspective. It’s this type of vision that has resulted in a passion for bringing the importance of the environment to light.

“I love where I live and live where I love and when I found out I was considered one of the top financial supporters of a number of eco charities on my artist/photography salary, I knew something had to be done to make people more aware of the value of a healthy environment,” says Frances.

With an understanding and concern for the many issues facing our planet, Frances produces and engages the public about the importance of protecting and preserving the planet with her festival in Victoria, BC.

“Given the lack of integrity shown by our corporate government, environmental and indigenous groups sadly face huge legal battles, which is why I choose to support Ecojustice financially with monthly donations and future RRSP designation gift.”

For more information on making a gift of RRSP or RRIF, or another gift in your will, please visit our legacy giving page.

Last updated: August 1, 2017

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