Catherine Donnelly Foundation

Catherine Donnelly Foundation

Foundation and Ecojustice supporter since 2009

In 2011, the Catherine Donnelly Foundation set out to find and fund in support of a big idea – a vision of a Canada where every person has a right to a healthy environment and a duty to protect it.

Thanks to the their generosity and shared vision, the Foundation embarked on a partnership with Ecojustice when they awarded a five-year, $1-million grant for our work on environmental rights. “This is a way to help build Ecojustice so that after five years [it’s] among the most resilient organizations and a true force for Canada’s environment.”

“It isn’t enough to change the light bulbs,” said David Love, past-chair of the foundation’s environment committee. “We need to change the laws.”

Established in 2003, the Catherine Donnelly Foundation is the human and financial legacy of a remarkable group of women religious, The Sisters of Service. Animated by the Christian faith that inspired the Sisters’ work, the Foundation is a lay-religious alliance that supports projects and programs designed to promote social and ecological justice and to engage those that have been overlooked and excluded.

Last updated: November 2, 2015

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