Bill Bocock

Champions Community member and tribute giving donor since 2000

Bill Bocock and his family raised dairy cattle in Sturgeon Country Alberta on the same land his grandfather began farming in 1921. Together with his brother John and their families, Bill worked with the University of Alberta in 2008 to establish the St. Albert Research Station to ensure that their land would remain in agriculture and contribute to crop science understanding. For Bill, the health of our environment is directly linked to the health of people, animals, and plant communities that support us.

A believer that both farmers and Canadians play an important role in stewarding the environment, wildlife and the habitats that surround them, Bill is concerned about the rate at which family farms – at one time common place – have been replaced by capital intensive corporate farming which has negatively affected the quality of our food and the land we use to grow it.

Now retired and in his 80s, Bill still looks to the future. He counts on Ecojustice to defend our environment so that the importance he places on the environment is ensured through our country’s laws well into the future. Bill has been regularly donating to Ecojustice for over 15 years and enjoys making gifts in tribute of family and friends, like his most recent gift in honour of his godson Neil.

Last updated: March 24, 2017

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