Ecojustice Blog – Healthy communities Posted on November 23, 2010 (updated: February 17, 2015)

Ontario close to a visionary water act

Randy ChristensenLawyer

Ecojustice’s work on water quality is continuing in Ontario where we’ve partnered with the Clean Water Alliance to help get a new Water Opportunities and Conservation Act put in place for the province.

Over the last year, we’ve engaged with government to ensure that conservation and green infrastructure were part of the Bill and we were invited to make presentation as the Bill was drafted where we clarified the need for strong public ownership, business opportunities for greening the water system, and increasing public reporting and accountability in the way Ontario’s water is managed.

Our coalition has been involved at every stage of this legislation, that contribution was recognized by Environment Minister John Wilkinson as he introduced the Bill for its Third Reading before the provincial legislature on November 17th:

“We heard the good advice of Ecojustice Canada and the Canadian Environmental Law Association – this bill will encourage municipalities and public agencies to consider water re-use, stormwater harvesting, and the promotion of green leafy infrastructure in a whole new way.”

Bill 72, the Water Opportunities and Water Conservation Act, needs complete its Third Reading after which it can be made into law. Ecojustice will continue to monitor its progress and look forward to working with government to ensure its successful implementation.

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