Ecojustice Blog – Special Update Posted on July 18, 2011 (updated: July 18, 2011)

Much ado about berries: Day 22 of Gavin’s Ride for Ecojustice

It’s a milestone day for Gavin. He crosses his fourth state line and his trip odometer passes the 2000-kilometre mark. Congrats. The first leg of his trip, most of which was solo, has now ended and there’s a reunion in his future.

With that in mind, here’s Day 22:

Day 22
July 2
Distance Travelled: 77.74 km (Lodging: Judith’s apartment, Fargo, North Dakota)
Milestone: Over 2,000 km travelled

I left Detroit Lakes a bit late and, while having a pre-lunch snack standing in a gas station parking lot, I was approached by Dwayne. Dwayne, probably in his 50s, chatted to me about his cross-country ride, which he completed in segments over a period of years through an organization that I think was called Northern Tier cycles. He warned me about the flooding in North Dakota and seemed nice.

This kind of conversation wasn’t particularly out of the ordinary. Every two or three days someone will talk to me about a bike tour they did. What made it stand out was that about an hour later, while I was cresting a fairly long hill, I saw a car pull over and someone get out at the shoulder to open the trunk. I assumed that it was someone just getting themselves a Pepsi in the heat or something, but when I came closer I saw Dwayne holding out a fistful of strawberries to me. He had just bought several crates of farm fresh berries to make jam and figured I could use the refreshment. He was right. I crossed into North Dakota without much formal fanfare: the two towns of Moorhead, Minnesota and Fargo are functionally integrated so there is no sign announcing North Dakota. There was however a sign indicating entrance into Fargo, which was good enough for me so I stopped and took pictures and felt a pretty awesome sense of accomplishment for the last 2,000 km alone on the road.

I eventually got a hold of Judith, a friend of someone I contacted through Warm Showers who happened to be out of town. Judith works at Great Northern Bicycle Co., one of the independent bike shops in downtown Fargo. I met her at the shop and she gave me the keys to her apartment across the street, where I dropped off my stuff and showered. When the shop closed I met Judith and her friends, most of whom were other bike mechanics, for dinner and drinks a couple blocks down. Judith and I and one other person named Carbon John (because he was one of the first people to ride a carbon fibre bike in Fargo) ended up sitting on the patio talking until things closed up at midnight.

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