Ecojustice Blog – Special Update Posted on April 7, 2014 (updated: February 17, 2015)

Meet our hero: Gwen Barlee

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Look in the mirror and you’ll see what we see. A real hero.

Supporters like you keep the Ecojustice team going. You empower us to go to court, nab headlines and sway decision-makers — all in the name of using the law to protect Canada’s environment for future generations.

Meet Gwen. A long-time monthly donor, she is one of our biggest heroes:

My name is Gwen Barlee. I’m the policy director at the Wilderness Committee and a proud member of Ecojustice’s Defenders Club.

I can think of no better champion than Ecojustice when it comes to using the law to stand up for clean air, fresh water and healthy, vibrant ecosystems.

When I first started working with the Wilderness Committee, I quickly realized that we couldn’t do the work we do without Ecojustice. The amazing expertise Ecojustice lawyers and scientists bring to the table enables them to do what no other group can do: Protect the environment with the rule of law.

Without Ecojustice, the Wilderness Committee’s campaigns to protect B.C.’s endangered spotted owl and resident killer whales would not have succeeded. And now, with a federal government that characterises environmental regulations as ‘red tape’ and downplays climate change, Ecojustice’s work — holding governments and polluters to account, strengthening old laws and shaping new ones — is more important than ever.

Progress is measured in small steps. Every step we take now in 2014 to protect Canada’s environment means 10 fewer steps we’ll have to take in 2024. It’s with this in mind that I donate to Ecojustice each month. It’s a simple way to make a lasting difference.

After all, the earth needs a good lawyer.

Join Gwen and become a member of the Ecojustice Defenders Club today.

Your monthly donation of just $5 will give us the financial security we need to pursue legal precedents that protect Canada’s environment. Ecojustice staff have the necessary skills and expertise to win the toughest legal battles. But you make us fly.

There’s a hero in you. Become a defender today.

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